Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursdays Thoughts, Photography

It's funny how life changes.  
 Until these past few years I hardly ever picked up a camera.
Looking back, while the kids were home, you'd be
 hard pressed to find photos of birthdays, sports, Christmas,
 or life in general.  I feel like such a bad mom at times.

I've had lots of hobbies along the way, but they take time, 
 can only do them in one place, they need lots of stuff 
 and they take patients.  Not one of my strengths.

So what is it about photography, that I so enjoy?

After going with Dawn, to have Kinley's new born photos taken 
by Ali Borene, I knew right away that studio photography was not 
my thing.  My attention span is way to short. 
Wedding pictures no!, Portraits no!
Except for love ones, I really don't like pictures of people.  

When attending the Shooting The West event, a landscape photo 
was shown, one of the Photographers asked the group
" What would make this shot more interesting?"
then replied "By putting a person in the picture"
My reaction (in my head only)  "No! that would wreck it"

I think it's the simplicity of it.

Yes, I realize that's an oxymoron, proclaiming photography 
as simple.   God knows!!  at times it has taken all my strength, 
to not throw my camera into the lake and
 say the hell with the whole thing. 

The simplicity......... of the everyday things.
To have camera in hand, along on a walk, or setting in the seat of 
you car, to grab at that moment, something catches your eye.
   No staging, tripods, or approval of critics. 
Just a simple picture that make "you" happy.

I may never get to the point in my photograph that I feel 
comfortable enough to call myself a photographer and 
realize that many of the photos I post to facebook and
this blog are not earth moving.

My goal is to just simply take a good picture,
that makes me happy.


Linda said...

You take great photos! I'm like you, I just want to be able to take a good picture and still haven't found what my "thing" is.

Crystal said...

I like your pictures! I try to take neat pictures and occasionally am succesful but mostly just ordinary.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I like your photos..they are so different from mine. I like to see what other photographers yes you are one..are taking photos of.

I like to take photos of birds/wildlife, flowers..and probably shows!
That baby is so cute snoozing on your sidebar..she makes me smile:)

gowestferalwoman said...

"uhmm. only if you put a person in it who was fire extinguishing a mad rattlesnake in an enclosed room..." LOL

I love your pictures as is - you have an eye and you use it well...

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