Friday, May 3, 2013

"Is It Monday Yet" !?!?!

My week started last Saturday, volunteering for the CA. State
 Beef Ambassador competition.  Sarah De Forest from our group
 is the state chair and the Butte County Cattlewomen 
hosted the event at the Chico Ag Farm.   My job was to chaperon
the sequestered contestants during the judging.  I always like
volunteering for this.  It is such a joy to spend the day with a 
group of kids, that are happy, polite, fun, can carry on an
intelligent conversation, with full sentences and real English.   
24 strangers in the morning were 24 friend by the end of the day.
What a great bunch of kids, always restores my faith in 
American youth.

Saturday night ran to the mountains for a little R&R, cleaned up the job
site at the new cabin and home in time to have dinner with Shane.
" Now, who do you think was cooking"?
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were spent,
 "Cleaning Everything", house, yard, farm!!! 
"Shane helped, that's why he was getting fed Sunday night".
Thursday night we would be hosting a back yard concert,
but first a flying trip to San Francisco, Wednesday afternoon.
   Not flying in a plane,  flying down the freeway! 
 3.5 hours to Treasure Island in the middle of the San Francisco Bay
 for a four hour Pella Window event and 2.5 hours home.......
 that's the difference between "BAD" Bay Area traffic and good.

Thursday night "Miss Juni Fisher"  what a treat
"What A Gal"
Juni's music is divers and a history of rodeo, ranching and horses.
The time is always to shot when she comes to visit.
It was also Sister Cindy's Birthday , cake and all....
Can't think of a better why to celebrate.

Today my Charity Ladies met at the El Medio Fire Station 
to get ready for our annual spring rummage sale Saturday

After that the calendar is clear.  My goal this summer,
 is to keep it that way, for as long as possible...

"I Might Just Take Monday Off"