Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Testing.....    Hello !   are you working ?

Talk about out of sight out of mind!
Santa brought me a game camera for Christmas.  As you can see
 by the date, I put it out in the olive orchard, Feb. 27 and
 for got it.

Sunday, JS asked,  what I ever did with it?

Well here it is, the results of my big game photography.

There where a lot of pictures like this one.....  ???
Note the nice green grass. 

And lots and lots of pictures or Possessed and Alien Deer.

I like this one....wonder what she's looking at?

Hello pretty, was that you in the night shots.....

Nice, slick, fat Black Tail Deer,

on my nice green grass......
Nothing else out here eating it, have at it.

Ranch Dog.

Hoping this is one of the olive pickers?

A herd of shiny eyed deer.

LOL......   I'm guessing Gray squirrel not skunk. 

"Old Gal on Quad"

This is a sad picture, it's son-in-law Cory's truck,
 the day he buried his old dog.  I felt honored,
that he wanted to bring her to our place.

Daytime deer shops were few.

I put in this picture so you could see how dry the grass is now.

See Mr. Coyote.......  on the left.

Last but not least,  
 OK!?...... does this deer look pregnant to you?

That was fun, I'll get it set back up and 
see what visits this next mouth.


lisa said...

Awesome, the hubby wants to get one too, for checking the woods for deer. I would like to get him a good one, but know that they aren't cheap, so I am saving for one. Maybe his birthday.

Crystal said...

Thats pretty neat, we dont need a camera for the deer that were in our yard every day all winter, they come in about dusk and just stayed all night.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You have some interesting coming and goings..fun to see. So sorry about the old dog..always hard to lose a good friend:(