Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursdays Thoughts, "You can't expect to get good photos setting on a running snowmobile!"

It was a fun ride !!!
JS and I spent this last weekend at the cabin.
Our friends where up and we got together for dinner.

The next day was beautiful so we went for a snowmobile ride around the lake.
The snow was wonderful, about 18 inches of powder on a good hard pack.
Riding on powder is like floating on smooth water.

Had the camera along to take winter photos and thought I had some 
really good shots.  Till I put them on the computer, to see that the 
vibration of the snowmobile had make them all blurry.

Turning on and off the sled sounds easy enough, "If it was an electric start!'
No..... my sled is the...... "Put the rope type"
It's just more trouble then it's worth.

I'm thinking, maybe asking JS for a new machine with key start and reverse?
I'll get back to you with how JS liked that idea........LOL


Gail said...

They look great to me.

Crystal said...

Looks beautiful! I take it it wasn't too cold out? Can you just slow down and get some good pics without actually stopping, that might help.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Yes indeed get a new snow machine...but these photos are really good.:)

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