Wednesday, January 2, 2013

~ 2013 ~

I hope everyone is feeling as good today as you did last night....  LOL

"That's how my post yesterday was going to start !"
It was as lazy and nonproductive of a day as I can remember.
I didn't even finish the post.   Got a few things done, a load of laundry, (because we were out of towels) firewood brought in, 
 some of the decorations packed up.
I even cooked dinner, but everything was in slow mode.
The holidays are officially over and time to get my butt in gear.
Doing what, I'm not quite sure, there's always a long list.


PS...the photo is on the new calendar I just put up,
I didn't take the picture........   Ops...sorry    


gowestferalwoman said...

that tree is older then time - what a beautiful capture !

One nice thing about living in the middle of no where and being self employed is that you can determine when and what - the best kind of living there is! :)

Happiest new seasons' lol to you and yours!

lisa said...

What a beautiful picture!

gtyyup said...

And a Very Happy New Year to you too.

My New Year's Eve was fun with friends...who left for home about 9:30 PM!! They had dogs outside in the single digit weather and needed to get them inside. So, off to bed we went by 10:30!

New Year's Day I put ALL the Christmas decor away...told myself you couldn't blog or do FB until that was finished. Ha...I listened to myself for once!