Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Seed Catalogs

Last week I posted this picture for Wordless Wednesday and a reader asked, 
"Which catalogs I bought from the most?"   I don't buy a lot of seed, our area
is pretty mild and bedding plants are abundant, yet limited in varieties. 
So if you want something out of the norm, the seed catalogs are you best bet.
  Green beans are one of the things I order, Blue Lake and Kentucky Wonders.  

My two favorites are Burpee and The Cooks Garden.  Burpee is the good old
 standby,a wide variety of veggies (the kind I remember in my mom's garden)
 and flowers. The Cooks Garden, has a good amount of the standards and
 unusual Items.  A big selection on herbs and salad green, with a few flowers
 and garden supplies.  Prices are higher them the others, but always
 a high germination and yelled.

Harris seeds is a lot like Burpee, but with a  wonderful selection of Zinnias
and seed starting supplies.  Territorial Seed Company,  is geared for the 
back yard gardener and the farmers/flower market growers.  
They also have canning and food processing supplies.

I've never bought anything form Gurneys or Select Seeds ???
Select Seeds has some beautiful Coleus, so I may have to start...

Well there you have it, My 2013 Seed Catalog Review..... ;D


Shirley said...

I buy Blue Lake green bean seeds too, and Lincoln peas and Red Nantes Coreless carrots. Mostly I buy from local suppliers, not catalogues.

lisa said...

I usually don't like to take the time to grow from seed, I end up buying plants instead but I do get a lot of catalogs in the mail.

Crystal said...

I always plan to buy from the catalogs, but am usually too late, and our stores seem to stock a lot of seeds so I just get from there usually the day before I plant. Although now that my greenhouse doesn't work its less exciting to see seed catalogs.

gtyyup said...

It's hard to find even good plant starts here. They always have some strange variety I don't recognize. I'd rather have what my mom always raised; tried and true! I'm going to try seeds this year.

Thanks for the review!

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