Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursdays Thoughts, Grab Bag of Life

Really, I haven't been lazy about blogging.   I'm not very good
 about the everyday stuff and that's all it's been around here lately.

Last week JS and I took a ride to Dixon to the block company, to
purchase .... "block" ?   to  finish the yard project and then met 
with son Zach for dinner in Vacaville.   Zach had our flatbed truck,
delivered the last of the oranges.

The orange picking is over, not for a lack of fruit, but Mother Nature
has been a real "Mother" as if beating rains and wind were not enough
to reunion our crop, she decided we needed two weeks of freezing on top of it.
I'd like to poke her in her big icy nose......... 

It's that time of year, to early to do much outside, don't want to 
do anything inside and Mother Nature is dangling spring in front of me......  

 I have mixed emotions about her.....  ; | 


Gail said...

Hope she stops freezing our fruit!

Janice said...

I'm sorry that #it## is messing with your fruit. Love your header shot though what a pretty that a Quince????

Jermaine Ryan said...

Some people don't realize the amount of effort needed to bring the produce to the supermarket. Hauling large amounts of fruits such as oranges is a chore, not to mention to amount of time to harvest all of it. Let's just hope Mother Nature cooperate more in your upcoming harvest than this one. Good luck!

Jermaine Ryan @ Load Craft