Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Stills, Old Barns

It wouldn't surprise me if this old barn had been part of a dairy,
at some point in it's life..... The area around it, is still home to many
small family dairies..... fond memories of field trips with my kids.
You haven't lived till you've eaten ice cream at the dairy 
with the essence of "cow" every where.

The old almond trees still standing near it, make me think it
probably house farming equipment, in an other life.
Today, it's one of my favorite hang outs.

The Plant Barn..... I could spend hours here..... looking at flowers,
garden art and terracotta pots.....but have never spent more then
15 or 20 minutes as I make a quick stop, while waiting on pain to 
be mixed, a plumbing order to be readied.
  It is my haven in a crazy world.


Janice said...

Nice Sam....I wish I was near that Plant Barn....or owned it....Beauty.

Eva said...

Beautiful building. Lovely colors too.

Crystal said...

Very cool they took a barn and made is useful again :)

Shirley said...

It needs a couple of benches outside by the wall, surrounded by flowers where a person could just doze peacefully in the sunshine....

aurora said...

That is one great barn! Love how they've re-finished it. How nice that is is actively used, and you consider it your haven!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Looks like a great place to stop and it is great to see old buildings being used:)

Martine said...

Very nice - good to see this old barn has a new life