Friday, April 20, 2012

USS Hornit

I need to make a correction.  The USS Hornet is not in San Francisco ?
It's in Alameda on the San Francisco Bay, just south of Oakland.
Who ever made the fliers for the event, missed some important 
information.  "You can however see San Francisco"

We had a great day, the weather was perfect, sunny with no wind or fog.
We arrived a couple of hours early.  The Hornet is now a museum and
we wanted to have time for the exhibits, before the Pella Expo. 

The USS Hornet is an Aircraft Carrier that fought in WWII
and was the first carrier to strike on Tokyo Japan.

In 18 months of combat operations, Hornet was under attack 59 times,
but was never hit by a single bomb, torpedo or Kamikaze.
Her crew shot down more them 668 Japanese planes in the air
and holds many impressive records.  She was decommissioned in 1947.

The Hornets story doesn't end there.  The Navy selected her to be the
 Prime Recovery Ship in 1969 for the Apollo 11, were she recovered
 Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins and the Columbia.

Today the Hornet is visited by thousands each year to relive her
history of WWII and see the many artifact form Apollo 11.

The ship is filled with aircraft such as Skyhawk, Vikings, F-14 and F-11.
Sea King and Sea Horse Helicopters and propeller aircraft as well.

As you wonder threw the ship you experience how the crew lived and 
worked.  The living quarters, mess hall, mail room and sickbay are 
as they were, during the war time. 

JS and I enjoyed standing out on the flight deck were we had
a great view of San Francisco.  Sorry, thats the Bay Bridge not
 the Golden Gate.

The Expo was also great, we were treated to a wonderful dinner.
prises and of course the new windows by Pella.

JS even tried out the flight simulator.  What? why didn't I go? 
I only fly if I have to.   Thank You Pella for a great time.

If you ever get a chance to visit the USS Hornet of any ship, do so.
History is an amazing thing.

I would tell you about our trip home, but that's another whole post.
Just think City,  Rush hour traffic and two country folk.
If your ever read "Mr Toads Wild Ride"
you'll get the picture.


Mary Ann said...

What a great tour of a wonderful old ship! Thanks!

Crystal said...

Wow that looks like a cool trip through the boat, wish it was farther south so it would be on our trip

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