Friday, April 13, 2012

Soapbox, A Small Rant

This week has been pretty uneventful.
It's been raining, on and off or just to wet to do much.
The biggest thrill has been going to the mail box.

Cattlewoman's meeting was Tuesday, that was depressing.
One of the members and her husband had all of their 
Powder River livestock panels stolen.  Thieves stealing metal is a
 big problem here.  Then we got to talking about all the new
laws this stupid state is trying to pass and how the state, want to
 widen the flood plane in the valley.  That will take 40 thousand 
acres of prime farm land, out of production.
I can't believe the dumb asses that get voted into office in this state !!!
I can't believe the dumb asses that vote for them  !!!!!!!

"On a happier note, I got to got to Lowe's and get plants" 


Mary Ann said...

The dumb asses around our parts get complained about a lot, too, so don't worry, you're not alone.

On the other hand, good for you for going to Lowes! Happy Spring!

lisa said...

New York state is another fantastic state for crap like that also. I personally think all government people should be replaced. I am looking forward to plant buying myself, but I will be settling for just getting the old stuff cleaned up out of the pond area so the new can have room to grow. I see alot of green peeking out from all the brown dead stuff.

gtyyup said... happens everywhere. I think that if you don't know anything about a subject...such as farming or shouldn't be able to make decisions that affect it...just a bunch of berkenstock wearin' pencil pushers sittin' at a desk in a highrise in the middle of a big city. Pi$$es me off too.

Soon you'll have gorgeous flowers though!!

Tj and Mark said...

I had to read this one first to hear you rant :-)

I feel so out of touch with any issues that aren't geriatric related.

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