Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Garden Project, "Biting Off More Then I Can Chew"

That seems to be a common theme with me.  The yard is looking
 good, but not nearly as far along as I was hoping.  That's OK, it's neat
 and clean and about as weed free as I can ever remember.....LOL

Kitchen garden is tilled and just needs a little top dressing before I plant.
Won't start planting till May first.  You can never trust April not to
have a last minute freeze or hailstorm.   I've learned my lesson.

Even no-man's-land is clean, thanks to son Shane and his muscles.

I did get plants put in to the front planters, as you come up the walk.
Going to also put in Asian Lily's when I find some.

The roses are looking nice and I wish you could smell,
the orange blossoms are in full bloom.

JS even had the painters come and repaint the arbor. 
Thank You !!!

And the Hostas will be all out and showy by Sunday.
Running out of time, Thursday it's suppose to rain, Friday
 cleaning house and Saturday I'll be in Chico most of 
the day for Cattlewomen.  If I don't get any more done,
 I think the a garden club will enjoy it all the same.


Fiona said...

You've all done a wonderful job ... it looks beautiful, have a great day Sunday.

Tj and Mark said...


Far Side of Fifty said...

You are looking good! :)