Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Garden Project

It's coming along pretty good,
the plants from Lowe's are in the ground.

Spanish Lavender, Lithodora the blue ground cover and 
California Sunset Breath of Heaven, not shown.
Love all the colors.

Sunday, I cleaned the walkways in the kitchen garden,
also cleaned and transplanted the strawberries.
Yesterday was able to get most of the beds roto tilled,
hope to finish that up today.

The plan is to have all of the front yard and the kitchen garden 
cleaned, planted and done by the end of Sunday.

Tomorrow, JS and I are going to be in San Francisco for the day.
Pella Window Co. has invited us to their PRO EXPO,
held on the USS Hornet Museum.

Stop by Friday (afternoon) and I'll have pictures
 of our day in the big city.


gtyyup said...

Your hard work paid off...very pretty! Love the lavender...mine didn't survive the winter, so I'll have to get another. A couple of others didn't make it either, and they should have :(

Enjoy the big city trip!

Shirley said...

Nice work, so tidy. I have to move my strawberries too, I think the voles killed some of the plants, now they are scattered.
Hope SanFran isn't too stressful!

Crystal said...

Looks good, i gotta find some plants that bloom lots and survive here so I dont have to plant every year.

Linda said...

Ooooo you've been a busy one!!

Janice said...

Busy Busy...nice job....could you come here? :)