Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday Thoughts, Kids on Farms

I'm sure you've heard a least one news report about kids working on the farm,
and how the Department of Labor, has come up with new rules for "Their Safety"


It's about unions, if your kids can't work, then you have to hire someone
approved by the government to do the same job.  That can be unionized.
It's about the right to raise your children, how you see fit. It's about 
property rights and the right to have as little of the 
government in your life as possible.

I grew up in a ranching an farming family.  Rode behind my mom,
horseback from fist light till last, moving cattle.  When I could ride
 by myself, my babysitter was an old roan horse.   My mom know,
 if I couldn't keep up, Red would head for the barn.
I was as safe as any kid.

At age nine I started driving tractor for my dad. 
At first running tools while he fixed fence,
then doing more, little by little.

I can hunt and fish, cut and rap my own meat.
Grow and can my own food, drive almost anything and do almost anything. 
By the time I was in high school the ranch I grew up on was gone.
I've lived a privileged life since I've been married, but not without hard work,
side by side with my husband.  The same as my mom did with my dad,
and her mother did and they were both ranchers daughters.

Who I am and what I have achieved on my own,is because of how
 I grew up.  "Ranching and Farming".  The best thing I ever did for my
 kids, was to move them to our 18 acre farm and put them in 4-H.

To the powers in Washington DC.
""Leave Us The Hell Alone""


Fiona said...

I'm sure you'll understand how much I agree with you on this one. In our country, you can't afford to hire staff, so you just have to breed them! I'm hopeful that the lifestyle my kids are leading will mean they will grow into responsible, hard-working, contributing members of society, as I find are all the kids I know in this agricultural industry. Their city cousins may be safer, but I don't envy them their lifestyle.

Linda said...

AMEN to both you and Fiona!!

Crystal said...

I cant imagine the government getting involved in something like that! Its kinda ridiculous and farm/ranch kids in general are way harder workers than thier city counterparts!

Tj and Mark said...

I didn't realize it pertained to one's own children. Hmmm? Definitely crossing some lines that should not be crossed. I do know that agriculture has high rate of accidents for adolescents. But that's life we can't keep allowing the government to legislate our safety. That is my own concern, thank you very much.