Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts

"I Love Fall"

Everything about it is my favorite.

The colors of the earth, red leaves, golden fields, pumpkins
every were.  The colors of fall make me happy.

Crisp mornings, in my favorite sweater.
Big pots of soup and stew, meat and potatoes
and hot bread pudding , make me happy.

Even the holidays are my favorite.

Spent on my girls front porch, oohing and aahing over
 Fair Princesses and Goblins as we hand out treats.

A long sit down dinner with my family,
makes me happiest of all.

"I Love Fall"


Crystal said...

your becoming quite a poet! I prefer spring over fall, but the quiet of fall in nicer than the rush of spring.

Linda said...

Ooooooo VERY poetic! I love fall too!