Friday, October 7, 2011

A Little Me Time

I took some time yesterday and ran to Chico.  Was actually birthday 
shopping for Shane, but soon found out, that the brat had beaten
me to it.  He had also purchased my second choice,  so all he's 
getting for his birthday, is dinner.

I then went to Barnes and Nobles the book store.   
I'm a cookbook addict, always looking and checking out the new arrivals,
 but nothing caught my eye.  Then Best Buy, looked at lenses for my 
camera, $$$$$ that wont be happening for a long while.
Treated myself to lunch at a drive up window, swung by the Plant Barn,
love that place.  Didn't buy anything there either.

Then headed home, but instead of driving 99 I took the back way
to Richvale.  I wanted to get pictures of the rice harvest, but since it has
 rained most of the week, nothing was happening.  
Someone got a new harvester and bank-out-wagon.

I was also trying to get shots for the Sunday Stills challenge and 
as I came up over the after-bay, I spotted snow up on the mountains.
It's a little early for that.  

 "I'm not ready for winter"


Linda said...

I really do thing you and I could hang together....I'm a plant and cookbook addict too;)

Crystal said...

I would like to see a rice harvest too, sure would be neat I think.

Gail said...

No snow here but it's way too early. If we weren't so dry, I would like a no snow/ice winter...but I'm not in charge of that department.

Glad you had a day out.