Friday, October 21, 2011

The Adventures of Ranch Dog and Her Sidekick George

George and Cub aka Ranch Dog

Last Sunday, While JS was off at the neighbor's, I was cleaning and picking
 up the cabin.  George and Ranch Dog were outside.  They kept barking at the 
neighbor, so I put them up stairs in the cabin, while I cleaned the garage. 
 When I was done, I opened the door and call them to come down.

No response.... stepped inside the door and call again, Ranch Dog
was standing, looking out the window at the top of the stairs.
The window with no screen ?  "Come on you two, lets go"
Ranch Dog, just kept looking out the window.

"Oh Crap"....................George must be on the roof.

I go up the stairs and look out he window....No George ?
Look around the cabin....No George ?    Heading down the stairs,
I can see him setting outside of the front door. 
"How the heck did he get out there ?"

"The the light go"s on"
Back up the stairs, look out the window and sure enough,
there are tracks and skid marks.  I check him out, He's fine. 
Had to laugh, at what I could only imagine, was a not so 
graceful exit off the roof.


Mikey said...

One of my dogs just did the same thing. I got to see it happen. I thought surely my heart would stop. Luckily he was fine, nice big bush to land in.
What is with the dogs on roofs? lol

Crystal said...

Haha bet that was a suprise to him, and bet he dont do that again!!

Janice said...

Now that's a pair of good lookin dogs.I'll bet he won't be do'n that again anytime soon.

lisa said...

They both look like they were up to no good!

Linda said...

LOL boy's will be boy's. We had a border collie that use to climb the ladder and join us on the roof when we were shingling.....he could never figure out how to climb down though and always ended up jumping.

gtyyup said...

LOL...I wish I could have seen his face as he came off the roof!! Cute story...glad all is well~

Far Side of Fifty said...

What an adventure for George, and for you too:)