Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Birthday Boy"

Shane, JS and Dawn

Meet our oldest, Shane .......Dad to side kick "George"

 Shane was the perfect kid, loving and always good.
We called him Mr. Clean, a place for every thing and everything in it's place.
His little wranglers had to be pressed, just right for school.
( I would come to regret that )

Smart and active, Shane could do anything and was proficient at most.
He was also a rough and tumble kid, that I could share more then a few 
emergence room stories about..........Smart is not always wise .

By junior high Shane's interest in history and the world took hold
and he became active in Civil War re-enactments.
His trusty steed "Mi amigo Jorge"
"My friend George"  (see a pattern here)

Would carry him full charge to many adventures,
including a full re-enactment at Gettysburg , his senior year.

Shane participated in high school to the fullest, academics, government, sports
and at home during those years he leaned, construction, farming ,hard work,
and the importance of community and country.
Then on to college, where one day he came home a man.

Shane did his student teaching in Ireland.....yes, the red head fit right in.
Since then, he has traveled the world and worked in the Governors office.
His life today has him in business meeting and business suites.

But his red neck roots still show.



Crystal said...

Sounds like a good man! Happy Birthday to Him!

lisa said...

Love the truck and Happy Birthday to Shane!

Gail said...

Sounds like a very successful young man...I can hear the pride in your voice.

I, too, am fascinated with the Civil War.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy Birthday Shane! He sounds wonderful! A Civil War buff way to go! :)