Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Stills, Self Pics

The challenge this week is to see the blogger behind
the blog. I like this challenge about as much as
the billboards. So here's my best shot of "Me".

Cabin Undate

La Porte Store
I thought I'd give you a little update on JS and Chris's
"Adventure In Winter Wonderland"
Of course it was snowing the entire trip.
(If they would have gone Friday or today
the sun is shining?)
The snow was about 4 to 5 feet deep and soft, but they
got to the cabins just fine. Both are good riders.
They went to our cabin first, no broken pipes and
every thing drained out good. Then to Chris's to put
the shutters up. Of course they couldn't pass up
going for a ride in all that new snow.
JS took the pictures, one of Down Town La Porte
and the other of the staging area were all the trucks
and snowmobile trailers will be descending.
It's some pretty country summer or winter.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Caught Off Guard

JS and friend Chris just left for the mountains.
The storms that came threw this last week have
dumped several feet of snow.
This weekend and the next are when everyone go's to
cut Christmas trees, but the road crew has closed
the road at La Porte and locked the gate.
Snowmobiles are the only way in now.
Because of all the early snow, JS and Chris had
to go finish closing up the cabins.
"Keep your fingers crossed, no broken pipes".
I stepped out on the porch to take a shot,
and Chis asked, "You taking pictures of the
stupid people?" I just laughed, I knew they
weren't happy going and I was thankful
I didn't have too.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I like this picture


"Freeze", Wait and See

At 8am it was 34 degrees, I don't know how low
the temp got last night. I just know it wasn't good,
and we're in for the same tonight.
The oranges have a better change then the mandarins.
It will be days before we can tell if the fruit is OK.
So many things play into it, were you're located in the
foothills, how much sun do you get during the day,
how much slope do you have to you ground and how
many hours the temp stays low.
If you don't believe in high powers, just farm.
I ran the water system all Monday night and last night
and will run it today until the temp gets above 40.
Running the water really doesn't do much for the fruit
but, it helps to save the trees.
I don't get to upset over it, "it doesn't make me happy",
but there's just not much I can do about it.
Somethings in life are just out of our hands.
Now it just wait and see.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mom Can You ?

George and Ranch dog.

Friday night the kids were all home for dinner because
Dawn and Cory are not going to be here for turkey
day. Shane asked if I would take George to the vet.
( I guess they don't have vets in Sacramento ?)
George is fine just needs more food, he's a growing,
active boy. So he's been there since Friday.
Dawn had asked if their two dogs, Trixi and Casey
could stay with us while they're in Oregon.
"Like I was going to say no"

It was all going good today, I took George to the
vet at 9 am, then JS asked if I would go to the DMV
( Department of Motor Vehicles)
That would be fine it shouldn't take to long,
JS had been there the day before and paid the fees
they just needed some additional papers work.
I would be home before noon to see Dawn and
Cory when they brought the dog and tell them to
have a safe trip.
DMV people were on #31 when I got there and I pulled
#70, two and a half hours latter did not make
for a happy Sam. I missed the kids!
See that look in Ranch Dogs face,
I can't say it any better.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pretty Picture Monday

Ranch Dog

Sunday Stills, High Tech/ Low Tech

This week Ed's challenge was old school verses new school,
and here in my laundry room I thought I had a good example.
I've been collecting these old scrub boards for years.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Beating the Storm

Same routine. Got my chores out of the way, did
some paperwork (Ordered my bags for the oranges,
they'll be shipped Monday) and headed to town. The
kids are all coming home for dinner tonight (tacos).
Dawn and Cory wont be here for Thanksgiving,
their going to be up in Oregon with friends.
I need to go grocery shopping plus other things,
post office, Tractor Supply store and the 4-H
office (hints the basket). Tammi our Cattle Woman's
president ask if I would make a basket for the 4-H
Foods Fiesta contest this weekend. I pick up some
thing and put it together and dropped it off.
I was feeling pretty good the rain hadn't started.
I put the grocery shopping off till last,and of
course it started to rain before I was done and
pouring by the time I got home. Well the bags
and I are a little wet, but all in a safe.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts

A few morning a week, sometimes before the sun is up,
I go outside with a cup of coffee. Ranch Dog joins me
and we sit quietly and listen. The soft sound of the
mourning dove or the scolding of the grey squirrel.
If I'm really lucky I'll hear music.

It comes from beyond the tree line and moves threw
the olives across the pasture and fills the air. The
sound of bag pipes. No jigs, just soft low tunes that
greet the day. The player I'm sure thinks he is
alone, with know idea that he has an audience
of two for his morning consorts.

"Thank You Mr. C"

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Brave Independent Women

We spent the weekend in the mountains. JS was doing
tractor work down the road and I took the truck, towards
Strawberry Valley to get pictures of the dog wood.
The weekend before the dogwood was just beautiful.
Flaming crimson red and glowing yellow. It looked
like fire running out threw the forest. Wind and snow
and little sun light this time didn't have the
same wow factor, but still pretty.
I went back up the road to a place I just love,
this big outcropping of rock. I thought it looked kind of
neat with the snow and green moss.
Wondering around the rocks for sometime taking shots,
they set in this grove of big timber. The wind picking
up and the clouds were moving over the tree tops so fast,
I was a little entranced by it. Then a couple of loud
noises started me looking around threw the trees. I
couldn't see the truck from were I stood and realised no
one knew exactly were I was. Then I started to think
about the bear that's been hanging around the cabins.
I got that "Oh! S_ _ _!" feeling and hot footed
it back to the truck.
Back to the safety of the cabin yard, where that big
yellow streak down my back wasn't so bright and shiny.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Just a Normal Day

Yesterday was just a normal day. Coffee, morning weather
check and JS off to work. Pick up the house, made the bed,
started a load of laundry, and head out side. "What a pretty
day", clear and crisp. Fed Old Man and Old Lady, fill
the sprayer on the quad and took Ranch Dog for a run
threw the orchard.
Got the fence lines sprayed over in the olives, the old
orchard and the horse pasture. Checked out the new
gates and fence and shot some pictures of Lou's
vineyard across the road. Oranges are showing color.

Just a normal day, but it turned special
when "My Girl" came to have lunch with me.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts, Veterans Day

The story has it that in 1699, Giles
Vermillion sold himself into indentured
servitude for passage to America,
at the age of 13 and sense that time a
Vermillion has fought in every war
for our country. My Dad Donavan
Vermillion did as well. Korean War,
Navy. Over the decades the woman in
my family have laid flowers and flags
on the graves of loved ones and loved
ones of neighbors who served.
This day has a different meaning for
me, It's the day my Dad passed away.
So to all of those who served before
and too all who serve today


Donavan Chad Vermillion
October 26 1929 - November 11 2000

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

CATTLE WOMAN, Farm City Week

Good Morning! Yesterday I hosted the Cattle Woman's
monthly meeting and lunch. We talked about the
usual business, and an event that we participated in last
week at the Chico State Farm.
"Farm City Week" is held each year and consist of several
evens around the area, with a big dinner dance to finish
out the week. The Cattle Woman help with a program
that's held at the University Farm, were 300 3rd graders
from around our county are turned lose on the cows,
sheep, hogs and college students. It's good for all of them.
The students, teachers and parents take a tour of the farm,
( guided by the college students)
where they get to see all the different animals.
Then they go threw several stations were they inter act
with local farmers. (Rice, Dairy, Bees, Almonds and so on)
Diane and I talk to the kids about beef byproducts.
Showing them what part of the cow are used in house hold
items, medical and food items other than meat and dairy.
The Cattle Woman sponsors a "Create a Cow" contest.
A few weeks before the farm tour the classes are given
materials and teaching plans. They then enter a
poster, showing the information that they have learned.
They bring the poster to the farm and Sharon checks
them in and then they are judged
The winning class gets a pizza party and there
are also cash awards.
They use to actually make a "Cow "on a four foot wooden
frame that Diane and her husband Stan would build and
then haul all over the county to the different schools.
"A lot of work", but really cute.
Every kid get a chance to rope with the Young Cattlemen.
Sara and Tammie show them cowboy equipment
and then they each get to set in a saddle.
It's a great day, the kids enjoy it and so do we.