Friday, September 6, 2013

Photo Fishing Trip

Yesterday Sister Cindy invited me to join her down at the river.
The Feather River goes through our town and the Salmon are running.
We found a trail and climbed down the rocks to the waters edge,
picking a place to sit, to scope our pray.

The fish were jumping everywhere and our excitement was high.
Camera settings checked, the sun was right, plenty of subjects,
cameras amid.  Let the shooting begin.

Here's how it went from this point.
"Fish jumps out of the water, go's back in to the water, we point and shoot camera."
we have some really nice photos of the water splashing, no fish!
After a few "Word" the conclusion was that this wasn't going to work.
We needed a new tactic.

The thought was now to hold the frame in a single
 position and wait for the fish to simple jump into it.

   "Photographing the Majestic Salmon perfectly captured in mid air."

You know,  like in all those fishing magazines.

It's hard setting there looking in a single spot and hearing the fish jumping
 on both sides of were your looking.  From the far side of the rocks I hear
 Sister Cindy's voice, "They wont jump in to my frame."
I had already digressed to the landscape.

Laughing and joking we decided to move closer to the diversion dam.
More Fish and More Jumping.  Our chances would be a little better.

Side tracked by some pretty flowers, we were soon in position, 
for our attended targets.  Same tactic, but with a bigger frame.

Both happy with a few of our photos, 
it was established that, we are no fish photographers

"It's Really Really hard work."
and maybe, we might want to get into a little better shape,
if were going to be rock climbing.

It was a good challenge and time spent with Sister Cindy
 is always worth while.  Can't wait to go again.


CindyQ said...

We had a splashing good time, no falls, no stickers, no snakes!
Let's do it again sometime, Sis!

lisa said...


Gail said...

That's my kind of place.