Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall Push

You know what the Fall Push is ?!

It's when the first day of Fall arrives and suddenly your feeling
 "Pushed" to do those things you said you were going to all summer,
"Now"! before Winter gets here.

I worked in the old orchard yesterday,cleaning up branches, pine cones
 and cutting our star thistle and blackberries.   We stopped watering it 
a few years ago.  We were putting more into it them we were getting out.  
Not a lot to do there but I try to keep it clean.  It has good grass in
 the spring,  someday I hope to take out the trees and put in pasture.

Ranch Dog and George were not invited to come.
I had some other helpers

Then I moved down to the burn pile.
If you have a farm you most likely have one of theses.
There was a patch of stickers, I'd been putting off cutting.

These Beauties, Spanish Sabers

Next on the list, the woodshed, it's the summer catchall.
Once everything was out, swept the floor, washed down the
 wheel barrows.  Some new tire perhaps ?

 Washed the woodring and  will be giving it a new coat of 
black paint before it go's in the house.

Cut up what wood there was for kindling
and need to start gathering more.

All clean and ready.

In a couple of weeks Youngest Son Zach 
will be home to split firewood.  More new tires!
 He doesn't make it home much and I can't wait to see him.

Well, back at it today.


Gail said...

Looks like a good start on your wood supply.

I can thankfully say we do not have those stickers but we do have thistles. Fight them a lot.

Crystal said...

Ya it sure is getting that time of year when everyone is in a panic to get stuff done before winter moves in

Far Side of Fifty said...

That plant looks deadly:( I need to start my Fall push too, making a list of what is most important! Seems we always have tires to replace or air up! :)