Friday, September 13, 2013

I Would Really Like A Day Off

"Yes I'm Whining"

Last weekend we had a crew working in the mountains at the new cabin.
I wasn't planning on going to the cabin but, "Working men have to be fed."
Spent most of Monday in town and two trips to Chico,
making it back in time to work horses with Tammy.
Tuesday was our Cattlewomen's meeting and I can't even remember
what I did that afternoon.  Babysat the Biscuit on Wednesday,
 worked horses that night.
 Took Mom to the eye doctor yesterday,  She's having Cataract eye surgery,
on Tuesday.   Today I have the Biscuit, Saturday Dawn and I are go to
 Sacramento to look at lights and appliances for the new cabin.
Sunday we go to the Cattlewomen's BBQ and 
Monday it starts again. 

"I think I have a bottle of wine around here someplace"   ;D


Far Side of Fifty said...

"The Cabin" is coming right along from the photos on your sidebar! Lights and appliances must be a good sign! You are busy for sure:)

Crystal said...

Wow that is crazy busy, but so much getting accomplished

Shirley said...

Some cabin! Nice! Yes, put your feet up and have a nice glass of wine.