Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thursdays Thoughts, Life & Time

I've said it before,
"I have more life then time."
and realize I'm not the only one in this boat.

Two days a week, The Biscuit come for the day.
 Two nights a week, I help my friend with her horses, for and event in November.
Every Friday we go the mountains to work on the new cabin.
House, yard, orchard, animals, other activities 
and the unexpected (JS).

You know how it is, you plan your day and by 9am your on plan B.
 I know the blogs been a little boring and I feel bad that
 I haven't had time to visit my favorite blog.

Felt like my photography had taken a step backwards so I've
been taking an online photo class,  hopping to see an improvement.
Life is good, just wishing I had a little better handle on it.


Fiona said...

I like that Sam ... "more life than time".
And what an absolute beauty that grandaughter of yours is. Enjoy every minute.

lisa said...

I sure know what you mean. I actually bought a book yesterday that I hope will help me take better pictures with my camera. I need to learn what some of the features on my camera mean! Good luck with your class, I didn't think you could take one online.

Gail said...

Be sure and take some time for loved ones and yourself.