Friday, August 23, 2013

Butte County Cattlewomen at the Fair

Our county fair over in Gridley, is in full swing this week.   Last night 
our Cattlewomen  participated in "The of Butte County"  great turnout.  
The fair said that about 700 came through the event.

Tammie MaElroy is from our county and is now the California State
 Cattlewomen's President.  Here's Tammie talking to evenings
 participants, explaining the benefits of beef.

One of my dearest and closes friends Gwin, we were passing out
 samples or Flatiron Steak, raised and cooked by the 
students of Chico State School of Agriculture. 

I had to take a walk though the beef barn before I headed home.
It's a walk down memory lane for me.
Lots of good times spent with our kids and 4-H animals at this fair.

Our Cattlewomen's group isn't big, but we make an impact.