Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursdays Thoughts, "Projects"

Never a shortage of things to do on the 18.
There is always a project, in some varied stage of unfinished.
I have decided that every flower bed needs a good cleaning.
"One Down"

The project to finish fencing in the back yard is coming along.
All It needs is .........
Block man to put the caps on the wall,
Fence guy to finish the ....."fence"

Post to hand the lower gate,
Back fill the wall and level

I hope it will be done soon,
because,  "I need the gate to finish another project."

Cross fencing the olive orchard.
Thank You Ranch Dog for showing were the new fence is going.

JS decided he wants to take the top off the Land Cruiser for the summer,
so that meant pulling out the snowmobiles and cleaning the garage !!!
Oh..... your funny, you think JS is doing that.

Today, I'm cleaning the snowmobiles and covers,
so I can put them back in the garage.

This was not what I had planned this week,
but it never is.................   ;D

1 comment:

Crystal said...

Ya I feel like I got so much to do I am travelling in reverse! But it will all come together for you Im sure (and make sure you get to do what you want sometimes!)