Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursdays Thoughts, Cussed By A Cow

I got a "butt chewing" this morning and I hate to admit it, but I had it coming.

Cows were throwing a fit and I though it was because
I hadn't gotten them fed.  We have a lot of dry feed
(the reason for having cows) so weekdays their on dry feed, with hay
(JS got a little existed about having cows and bought a "little " hay)
On weekends I turn them out, onto the green irrigated feed.
Of course, I always get a big ear full, when the gate is shut to that field.

Hays fed ? ................  and they're still walking the fence ?

"Here comes the part where I feel like a jerk!"
I shut their water off yesterday.
Yes ... I feel bad.......   and a little dumb.

It was leaking and making a big mud hole.  I needed to level it,
fix the float and clean it out, from the dogs getting in it.
Turned the water off so the cows would drink it down, 
that would make it easier to empty and fix.

Just glad the temperatures been cooler.

"Water tank full, Cows quiet, still leaks"


Crystal said...

ooops. Good intentions. Well have to get it fixed another day I guess.

Gail said...

Good thing you speak cow!

Terry and Linda said...

Boy have we all been there and done that...I say it is because we have way too much to do and get scattered!