Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursdays Thoughts, The June Drop

Much like April when the orchard is in full bloom,
a natural occurrence happens in June as well.  The June Drop.
I don't know if all citrus varieties do the same, but 
Navel Oranges naturally thin themselves from the tree and fall to the ground. 
Hence the name, June Drop.
Leaving the remaining fruit on the trees to become bigger and better.
All part of Mother Natures plan.

JS has finally gotten use to the annual event (after 20 years)
The first few years, he would go into the orchard, pick up a hand full
 of the little dropped oranges off the ground 
and with a slightly "In Mourning" look
 (much like the look he would give the coffee can full of mountain oysters
setting on the ground at my families calf branding)  
then look up at me and proclaim
"There's got to be someway to stop this!"

My thoughts were always "Oh John, you'll never make a farmer"
knowing that lots of orchards have to be thinned by hand,
this was a blessing and I for one was grateful. 

Now days JS doesn't even notice the drop and the routine
 of the orchard has become old hat.
The four seasons are marked by 
Spring Flowers, Summer Watering, Fall Coloring and Winter Harvest.
A routine that runs it's curse in the same order year after year.

Still the wonder of it all, is new each time I see it.


lisa said...

That has got to be wonderful to see the new fruit of the season coming along.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I am looking for a great harvest because the Navel oranges in the stores are looking bad ..some are all dried out in the hurry up and ripen California Oranges:)

Crystal said...

Oh that is too cool, I had no idea they did thier own pruning, I wish my crabapple tree did