Tuesday, November 27, 2012


We've always felt fortunate, that when we bought The 18,
these big old trees were already established.

We fit the house inbetween them and have added Redwood
and Liquid Amber over the years.

 But !!          "What is up"

"Will come down"

Grab your marshmallows, I'm going to be here awhile....  ;D


lisa said...

I am glad that part is done for the season! We have some big trees on the side and in front of the house that will have to come down soon, then we will be planting new ones soon!

Crystal said...

Thats a lot of leaves!! Ours are all covered in snow, I had planned on mowing them down into mulch but the snow got here first. I guess it will be mushed down come spring.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Looks like our place..I blew and mulched and raked for days..now it snowed..covers some of them up:)

Anonymous said...

Should not have composted or mulched?

5 Starr's Farm said...

Hi Anonymous, yes I also compost for my kitchen garden and use the leaves to mulch in the flowers beds around my ferns and hostas, for the winter. There is way more leaves then I can use. The main reason I burn, is for the ash...... I burn a pile of leaves where I want the ash ( around the dog run )and them spread the ash around with a rake. This helps to keep the fleas in check.

Anonymous said...

The smell of burning leaves bring back so many childhood memories of when I lived with my grandparents. Your place is really beautiful. :)