Saturday, November 3, 2012

Create A Cow 2012

Did you know, that it takes 3000 cow hides to provide 
all the footballs, for one season of the NFL?  NO Bull !

Well, if you had been a third grader this week in Butte County, 
you would have learned this earth move information and more.

Each year the Butte County Cattlewomen    
sponsor the "Create A Cow" contest during Farm City Week,
held at the College of Agriculture in Chico.

Third grade teachers are given lesson plans, (that meet the school 
curriculum), about beef by-products.  The class designs how they 
want their cow to look and what information
 go's on it, that they have learned.

It's a lot of fun seeing what the kids have come up with.

"This is one Cool Cow'

The classes can also choose to do a poster.

The cows and the posters are then brought to the 
Chico State Farm for Kids Day at the Farm.
The three hundred students and their teachers, participate
 at stations learning about our local  agriculture.

To learn more about Farm City Week or 
for classroom materials go to California Beef Council

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That is pretty awesome!