Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts, March Madness

I'm not talking basketball or brackets, just the craziness that is my life.
 You would think with all the rain we've had (Holy Cow ! thought it
 was going to wash us away, Tuesday night ) and as much time as 
I've been cooped up in the house, things would be pretty quiet.

Just the usually, fixing, cleaning, hauling in firewood between storms,
 on the road, then meeting and reports for all my self inflicted craziness. 
Lets just say life has been less then harmonies, but heavy on the snippy.
The 14th JS and I met with the tax man and the Saturday before that 
Mom and I when to a memorial.  Guess that confirms the saying
about death and taxes.

Cattlewomen hosted a station for the Agg on Campus, at the college farm,
with about 300 third graders.  We talked to the kids about branding. 
When asked , why it was important to put a mark on the cows,
one little girl said it was "Because they don't  know their address."
We told her she was right.   ;)))

JS bought a house in a Sheriffs sell.  We won the court case.
 The owner of the house skipped out on paying us and two other contractors, so
 the house was put up for auction.  I think we would have been better off losing.  
The house is  "OK" built by contractor # 3.    Not a John Starr house !  
What a bunch of pigs !    "Haul off your crap, people"
"Less To Do"  is becoming my motto.

My ladies group attended a luncheon over in Colusa, across the valley.
All the president for the different chapters had to give an oral report.
Yep, that would be me, it was horrible.  I can B.S. with the best of them,
 but talking to a group, will never win me awards, for public speaking.
It was a wonderful day with a great group of friends.

 A half a dozen trips to Chico,  cornbeef and cabbage with the kids, 
Crab Feed down at the Eagles Hall and the discovery of Pinterest on the
 Internet, about rounds out the month and JS got the brush pile burned.

The up side is that the grass is growing, the flowers are blooming
 and every thing is a beautiful shade of green. 
 March doesn't seem quite so maddening after all.


Crystal said...

When you sum it up like that sure sounds like a lot went on. Just finding pinterest is enough to take up a month ;) But it all sounds good except all that rain, but sure makes the flowers pretty, love the daffodil specially.

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