Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring Cleaning

No, not the house !  You don't know me very well do you.

The East end of the horses pasture, has big Eucalyptus trees, 
that make a mess during the winter.  So every spring I rake and 
burn it.  I like our place clean and neat.  Drives poor JS nuts!

Once I had the piles burning good, the dang sirens over at the fire
station went off.  I could hear the truck coming down the road,
I was sure, I was "Busted"  Who could miss all that smoke.

Well of course, I have a current burning permit. 
  Made sure it was a burn day and called the Air Quality Control office.
   I'm a good law breaker      "I mean Law Biding Citizen"


Gail said...

Been too dry to burn here, but the rains came.

Looking good.

Linda said...

I envy you being that far ahead.....I have miles to go before I burn;)))

5 Starr's Farm said...

LOL....... you notice I didn't show you my yard.

Tj and Mark said...

Smart woman getting the burning permit. We did what was supposed to be a little slash pile burning one day that kind of grew..... without permit. OOPS. Didn't get caught though, although a few neighbors did call.

Thanks for your encouragement.

Crystal said...

haha good for you for being up to date! Poor firemans who come out

Far Side of Fifty said...

Those Eucalyptus burn nicely too..I don't blame you for wanting to clean up that brush:)