Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Stills, Through an Opening

The challenge is to shot threw an opening such as a window or fence
to frame a second subject on the other side, keeping both in focus.
Sure, sounds easy enough.  "Not"
Meet Old Lady aka Kelly, who is posing behind the shoot, for me.

Look, how much clearer Kelly is, by moving back away form the shoot,
it somewhat tricks the camera into thinking that both subjects are at the 
same distance.  This is a really rough example, but I do like the
 possibilities of what you can do with this challenge.

Check out other examples at 


Shirley said...

I agree the focus was the toughest part of this challenge. Sure is pretty at your place!

lisa said...

I have to agree with Shirley. I wish we were that green.

Linda said...

I find getting everything is in focus is far more difficult as it should be;)

Janice said...

Love it and also all that green ...lucky lady!!!

danardoyle said...

Cool pictures - beautiful horse!

brenda said...

great shots. I love the far away one. We are still brown here, but some green is just starting to peek through.

Crystal said...

Sure loving all the green you have down there! I guess mine were all farther away and never noticed the focus issue, hmm Im gonna have to go back and look again.

henrygl said...

Nice shots

As someone stated above focus was the bet, and i managed to manage it smart :)