Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Can You See It?

Come with me, I want to show you one of my favorite places.
It's not far, but when your here it's like the rest of the world has disappeared.

See the big meadow? 
 I always stop right here to see if I might spot something moving.
Never do, I'm always here to late in the day, the sun is high and 
shadows hard and by now what might have been here is gone.

 And here in this spot that I stop to look is where I almost catch
my dang toe in the wire.....every time.    Can you see it?

Remnants of a fences from 100 years ago.  When before the lake was put in, 
cattle grassed in a bigger meadow and teams cutting hay.
Always think I should cut is out to be safe.  Then I think about the 
hard work it took putting it in.   The order that took days if not week to 
get to Marysville,  where it was most likely shipped from. 
 The freight team that brought it up the mountain, that was at least 3 days,
with one night spent in Strawberry Valley. Trip to LaPorte to pick it up
 and the entire summer, digging post holes, stacking rocks and stringing wire.

Can you see it?  The finished fence and the fat cows... 
and the man standing here, looking at this meadow, 
and what he has accomplished.

Can you see it?


Gail said...

Yes, I can. I never see just what is in front of me but what has been and what can be.

I love this post.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Yes I can:)

Shirley said...

That's a lovely meadow, and yes I can imagine it in all it's glory. I would consider moving a rock in front of the wire to eliminate the tripping hazard.

Crystal said...

Yes definitly, you have such a lovely way of describing it