Friday, January 23, 2015

"Ordered My Very First Photo Prints Today"

This would be a Champlain day,
 if it didn't give me such a headache. 
A little nerve racking too.

I've signed up for a Portfolio Review,
 in March at Shooting The West 
in Winnemucca and entering photos in a contest, 
that need to be framed.

These photos are the test dummies,  
I'll be able to tell by these,
what adjustments I need to make and
 how the color turns out.

I'm existed also and have about ten more photos, 
that I'm going to have printed, after I get these back.
Then I'll make up the portfolio and decide which one to frame.

Now I can't wait for them to get here!!!!!


Far Side of Fifty said...

Good Luck Sam! I like them all, especially the first one:)

Shirley said...

Well that's exciting! There are some nice photos in that bunch- the first one and the one with barbwire are standouts.

Janice Grinyer said...

Ah the photographers lament "WHICH ONE???" lol

They all are set very nice - good color!