Wednesday, January 21, 2015

American Sniper

JS and I went to see the American Sniper last night.
To simple way it was a good move is not enough.

The world has always been at war, sad to say will always be.
The Greatest Generation never spoke of it, 
Vietnam vets were shun,
Desert Storm, make it look quick, easy and clean,
but it was still all "over there".

Our Iraq and Afghanistan vest we're not quite sure what to do with.
We support them, love them and are proud of them.
Unlike the others, they brought it home and put it in our hand.

The truth is, we're happy being blind.
It's not that we don't know what war is, it's just that
we want them to come back the same as we sent them.
No scares, no troubles and don't bring it home.

Chris Kyle is the necessary evil of war.
With out him less would come home.

Yes! I believe Chris Kyle and those like him are
"American Heroes"


Far Side of Fifty said...

I have seen the previews. It looks intense.
Since my husband was in the service in the Vietnam Era I am not certain that anyone can ever get it right.
I hope the film was portrayed truthfully.
Someone recently tried to absolve Hanoi Jane with me...just not happening as I talked with a POW who saw her there in we could have been so screwed up back then is beyond me. :(

Gail said...

I hope it is an honorable film. So many need our respect when the world seems to turn their back.

I will not see the movie. The reality of war was what I grew up in Dad's nightmares. They never left him.

I honor all who served or are serving. We can't answer the whys but we can say thank you.