Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thursdays Thoughts, There's a Rock in My Tree!

It is way to hot for October!
It's still in the 90's, we've had a few cool mornings and two 
day of rain a while back.  I am truly ready for real fall weather.
Crisp cold mornings and an extra blanket on the bed!

 The other morning early, I went to do some clean up along the road.
For some reason, people seem to thing that if your in the country,
it's Ok to though you empty beer bottle over ones fence....  It's Not.

I had the camera along, you never know what you might find,
as the sun is coming up.   Maybe some wildlife moving about.

No!    I found a rock in one of the olive trees?
Thought it was really cool to find, then I got to thinking
about how long we have lived her and this was 
the first time I ever noticed it !?

Holy Molly.... 
 Make me wonder what else I've missed over the years?



Gail said...

Has the tree grown around it?

We find many things placed in a fork and grown into the tree.

Crystal said...


Far Side of Fifty said...

Maybe it is a new rock! You can always hope that you have never seen it before:)