Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursdays Thoughts, Milestones

A couple of milestones were hit this October 2014.

The Biscuit, now 19 months started a new daycare at the Parks
 and Rec.  Mama decided she needed a little more structure in her
 daily routine and some social time with those her same height.
She's learning colors, letters, "how to wait your turn" and drinking
from a cup with no lid?  Not in Nana's house.  The daycare is part 
of the gymnastics academy and the Biscuit is learning tumbling.  

Grandma Lori and I still watcher her one day a week each.
It's amazing how fast she is growing and the changes, I've
seen in her over the past three weeks.  It's also amazing 
how much I can get done with that extra day!

A birthday was celebrated, my mom Diana aka Grandma Don aka GG.  
Mom turned 80 and the Clark Clan gathered to honor her.

Let me tell you a little about Mom. 
  Women's lib was the big thing when I was a teen.  
Never understood it because my mom was one of the most
 liberated women I knew.

In the saddle before the sun was up, hair in silver pin curls and a scarf
 to work cows, build fence or what ever the job of the day was.
 Always by Dads side.
 Cooking the night before to feed the help if they were gathering or branding,
plus clean her own house, tend garden and raise me.

Still can picture her covered with dirt and shit from a day of cow work,
go home get cleaned up, put her hair up in a French Twist, put on a 
dress she made herself from a Mc Calls or a Simplicity pattern.
Heels and finish ironing a shirt with snaps she made for dad,
then head to the Blue Gumm or the Elks for dinner and dancing.
Get up in the morning and do it all over.

After the cattle were gone, mom went to work in the mill office and
 over the years worked for some of the biggest lumber outfits in 
California.   Georgia and Luciana Pacific.

Cow camps, rent houses and single wide trailers were the roofs over 
our heads while I was still home and I never heard her complain.
As a kid,  I didn't know we were poor, there was always plenty to eat and 
a home at night to return to, because of Mon.

She'll be the first to tell you she's had (not and easy life) but a good one.


Biscuit showing her cousin Vincent her cows.


lisa said...

She is just so adorable. Sounds like the month of October has been a good one for your family.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom...she sounds amazing!
It is good for the Biscuit to make friends at Day Care...and experience new environments! :)