Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thursday's Thoughts, Cookbooks

Cookbooks..... Make me weak in the knees...  Love Them!

My mom is a great cook and like most of the women in our family,
didn't get many opportunities to cook outside the realm of 
meat and potatoes.  Fried stake, Fried potatoes.
What's not to like?

Of course no newly wed of my generation would think of starting 
her marital bliss without the traditional Better Homes and 
Betty Crocker's newest additions.

Santa even brings Daughter Dawn and I a new cookbook
every Christmas.  This is my new one.
Mmmmmm................  Bacon

Martha improved my pie baking and pie crust.
"It's A Good Thing"

 Cookbooks have taken some real twist and turns over the years.
I've donated my share of bad ones to the Salvation Army.
About ten years age, Cookbooks turned back to the basics.
Finally!  real cooking, with real food !!!

Here are my old and new favotites.
It's still meat and potatoes and
"Man are they good!"



Terry and Linda said...

I love cookbooks also! You've got some books I'm going to get for myself.


Linda said...

I have the same love.......they are the BEST read on a rainy day too.

Tj or Mark said...

I'm certainly out of the cookbook loop, but seeing all of your 'Barefoot Contessa' books makes me think I need to give them a look. If not for myself, then for my D-I-L Jo. She has a similar passion to yours for them.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I lover to read cookbooks! I collect old ones, they seem to be best reading...cookies with lard and all! You have a wonderful collection:)