Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Holidays, Oranges, The Biscuit and A New Year.

By now we all have the holidays pack away and
 survived the new year.  Or, maybe still working on it.

It was The Biscuits first Christmas and with four generations
 of family and friends, the kids feet never touched the floor.
It was pretty low key and peaceful even with a house full.
New Years was just JS, me and the two big hair balls.

December had us worried with the freezing temps, 
that not only would we lose our crop but our trees.
But the Harvest Gods smiled on us and we are having
one of the best years ever.

The Biscuit is walking and has two teeth, that she's trying out
 on everything and one.  She has also discovered her voice,
making faces and has mastered the art of stair climbing.
Nanna, went today and bought a doggy fence.
Baby fence......    ;)

Well,       a whole new year in front of us.
It's always like a big empty box setting there.
What to do with it?     What not to do with it?
Me.........   I have no resolutions, no plans and no promises

I think, I'll just see where it leads me.


Shirley said...

Happy New Year!
So glad your orange harvest went well.
I think it's going to be an interesting year!

Crystal said...

I love those pics of your boxes of harvested oranges, so pretty! And come what may the new year will be what it will be, Im sure more of the biscuit will be in it :) And more pictures too.

Terry and Linda said...

I am SOOOOOOOO glad your trees and the fruit came through in flying colors!!(As my beloved Grammy would say). I learned long ago to not do resolutions I never made them stick.