Friday, April 5, 2013

Moving Forward

Back in January, I posted about a new project we
 were starting. To finish fencing in the back yard
and make a more usable space out of this area.

The wall project has started up again. 
It's taken this long for the block company
 to get the block delivered.....  ;(

Two weeks age JS ordered concrete and a pump and
 the block layer got the first row set in the footing.

He set the bock in the wet concrete and
 made sure it's level.  It has to set for
 a few days till it is dry.

Last week he came back and put up the wall
 to the height we agreed on.

This photo give you a good idea of how much slop 
there is to the ground.  Each block is 8 inches high.
The block are 8x8x16 inches.  We went with a 
split face so the wall looks like stone. 

 After the wall has curd (dried) steel (rebar) will be put in
 the holes vertically and the pump will come back 
and fill the holes with concrete.

Then we'll bring in dirt to level this area..

I'll keep you posted................. ;D


Gail said...

I do hope this works out for the tree. Have to be careful with the drip line of the tree canopy.

Looking great. I have a spot that needs a wall too.

lisa said...

Will be excited to see the next set of pictures!

Crystal said...

Oh cool, I love rock walls, even when they are cement. Makes me want to work out in the yard if I could find it.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Looking good..a big project! :)