Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cabin Update

Your right, that's a lot of concrete. 
 The walls were poured awhile ago.

The black Bituthene (a water barrier) is put on. 
 It sick to the concrete and with a name like Bituthene, 
I'm sure you can prouble tell what the crew calls it.

This is the impression the wooded form walls leave in the concrete.

After all the forms are taken down and cleared out, the footing for the 
slab are dug and more steel is used.  Bolts that hold the framed
 walls are sunk into the wet concrete.

And there you have it all done and ready for framing, next spring.
This part of the cabin will be a work shop, storage and family room.

Today the crew is pouring the walls for the garage, on the upper level.
From now till the first snows, will be spent putting in French drains, back
 filling behind the walls and grading the dirt, for next springs snow thaw.
It's a good start.  


Crystal said...

Love the wood look! Sure looks like a good sized "cabin" lol

Far Side of Fifty said...

Next spring..seems so far away. It is coming along:)