Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Secret Garden

Sunday, I spent the afternoon at my friend Mary Lake Thompson's.
Mary is our local famous artist, known through out the US.
Mary is featured in the February issue of "Romantic Home"
where she tells of how her family came to live in Oroville.

Her beautiful 1890 Victorian farmhouse, is a landmark in our area
 and one of my favorite places to visit.  I had met Mary many times
over the years and got to know her better when JS and crew remodeled
 her kitchen, pictured in the article.  This past summer JS built a beautiful 
garden room connected to the kitchen, where dinner plate size 
African Violets draw you to the table.

The story in the magazine only shows a small glimpse of Mary's 
beautiful garden, here's a bit more.

For more information on Mary Lake Thompson, 

Click on any picture to enlarge 


Linda said...

I want to go there!!!

lisa said...

I agree with Linda on that one! Awesome!

Tj and Mark said...

Stunning. Pretty cool that JS's work gets featured too.

Crystal said...

Wow how cool!! Looks like such a pretty place