Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts

Wouldn't it be nice, if one could put a fence around life.

Keeping it within the boundaries of time and energy.

Sam Starr

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Stills, The Letter "B"

 This weeks challenge, anything that starts with the letter B,
like Pottery Barn or

Crate & Barrel  or 

Two Beautiful girls

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts, Tonto and The Lone Ranger

It's fire season and the sound of sirens always has me skimming
 the horizon for smoke.

Tuesday I could smell it.  It was that close, less then a mile and 
could see the smoke from the front porch.

But in no time at all, Tonto and The Lone Ranger appeared  in the
 sky to save the day.

That's what I call the CDF (California Department of Forestry )
Spotter Plane and the Borate Bombers and very 
"Thankful" to have  them.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What is it?

Some of you were a little stumped by one of the Sunday Stills 
photos I posted.   It's Rock.

There is an island at the lake and now that the water is low,
 you can walk out on it.  It's not very big, but shoots up out of
 the water and is a great viewing point to see the lake.

About half of the island is made up of this massive rock,
that is all shattered in this pattern.  It's pretty cool.  I love coming
 here and daydreaming and it's here I took the shots for 
the Sunday Stills sunsets.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Keeping Secrets

If you live in a small town, there is no suck thing as keeping secrets.
Somebody, knows somebody, who's married to somebody.
Our county is pretty connected in that way, for generations.

Last fall, JS and I bought acreage, in the mountains down the road
 from the cabin.  We had tried to buy it before, but were told  in
 no uncertain terms,  "It was not for sale."    So we were surprised 
when it came on the market.   Not! a well planned out purchase,
that a middle aged, thinking about retirement (no time soon) couple
would make.  No! it was the starry eyed, "Oh my gosh it's for sale!!"
perches, that you would have made in your 30s, not thinking out past
 the end of your nose.  JS got that look on his face, when he's about
to embark on a new project.  The look of glee, like a kid who's
discovered that all the gifts under the tree have only his name on them.

Oh.....I'm Happy Too....It's Beautiful!

"But I've been to this rodeo for 33 year and I know who's getting bucked off"

After making a stand, that I wasn't pulling Brush, JS called in the professionals.

"We are now logging."

My Dad drove logging truck for many years so I've been to the
woods with him and seen the operation.   Lets just say logging is messy
and this past two weeks JS has been a little stressed.  Actually  the men
is having nightmares about trees.   First he was afraid we weren't taking
 enough trees and then to many.  And I love the 2am conversations,
that start,    "What do you think if we"  It's that "WE" that gets me
 a little twitchy.    Then the after work, 120  mile round trips
to the mountains to see how many trees did they cut today ?
Hey! wasn't that JS and Sam we just passed?

The tree cutting is done ( just the right amount), JS is sleeping better
and a Big Beautiful D12 Cat with a "Brush Rake" is cleaning the place up.

This gets me to the secrets, out cabin is 60 miles and in another county
 from home.  Tuesday at the Cattle Woman's meeting, me friend LaVern,
turns to me and asked,    "How's the logging going?"
After answering her question, I ask how she heard about it.

LaVern replied "Somebody told me"

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts "Plucked"


I'd like to step off the earth and catch up with myself.


I'm married to a man that could double as a fighter jet
and I'm the goose that been sucked threw the engine.

That's why

I say, That Why!

I keep my feathers numbered.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Stills, Sunrises or Sunsets

Sunsets aren't the same in the mountains as they are in the valley,
when the sun sets behind the Pacific Coast Range.

No array of colors to catch your eye.

It's much simpler up here, the light dims, birds descend from the sky,
ripples on the water smooth and then silence.

You can almost feel every living thing, sigh in relief that the day is done.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Look at this Beauty!.............No, it's not mine, I Wish!

It's my Mom's, aka Grandma Don.  She special ordered it several
 weeks age, but it got sidetracked.  It was pulled off
 the train in Kansas for a smog inspection, made its was to
Banicia in the bay area, where it sat because of a teamster strike.

It's Pretty!!!  with all the bells and whistles.   Heated and cooled
 seats, power everything, a backup camera and 110 electrical plug,
so you can plug in your drill, on the job site.
(It's a California truck now, so Mom said the 110 is for 
the Margarita machine, when your at the beach.)

The best part about this truck, is that when Mom needs 
to go outside of Oroville........"I Drive" 

Now if I could just get her to buy 4 wheel drive.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dreaming in Full Color

Friday my friend Tammy, called early in the morning to see if 
I would like to drive up to Cottonwood with her.  Tammy
 has recently bought two paint babies and she needed to get
pictures for their registration papers, so I tagged along.

It takes awhile to get to Cottonwood and we gabbed the whole trip.
You'll be happy to know that the two of us, solved all the
 worlds problems....well, at least we identified  them.

When we arrived, no one answered the door, the cars were
 in the drive, so Tammy tried the phone. No answer.
  Neither one of us felt right about opening
 gate and walking threw someones horses and barns, 
without permission.   So, we did the next best thing, we crawled
 threw the wire fence into the hay field, walking past the cows,
up the fence line ??? Apparently we don't have a problem with that.
"Not Good Etiquette"  I know!   

Now we're taking picture and making over the babies, when
a man's voice yells "Someone Out There?"
We freeze!.....then laugh....."Busted"
like two little kids, we sheepishly walked back up the
 fence line to take our punishment.  It was the care taker,
thank goodness he was good about it and only asked
 why we didn't go though the gates?

On the right side of the fence again, we went to see the babies
 close up.  Lots of horses, the people who own the place raise
 thoroughbred runners and paints, quite the combination. 
Picture taking was a challenge, as the little ones were on the move.
I had the best time just wondering though horses, looking at 
all the babies and wishing out loud.

This gelding caught my eye, I'm going to call on him, this week, 
the care taker said he is saddle broke? 
Never quite got that clarified.

This flashy little girl also turned my head, but I don't need a baby.

We had to see one more before we left,

The newest addition, isn't she cute?

PS.  Dear Uncle ED, I have not forgotten John.