Friday, April 8, 2016

Biscuits First Saddle

Biscuit is going to take riding lesson.
So while GG....   aka Grandma Don/ Mom  was at the ranch 
this past weekend, guess what she found.
"A Saddle"
 Funny thing, this isn't the  kids saddle we all know
and have no idea where this one came from, 
but it's just the right size.

She wiped it all down herself.


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

"Cattle Guard"


Goats Gone Wild, Spring Break on the Farm

My friend Mike brought a few goats to feed off a small pen.
It's been going really well, even commented to JS,
" What eating machines these little guys are."
They've mowed the lot down in no time.

The problem with goats, is once they have eaten everything,
where they should....   they start looking for a new place!

And if that means over the BBQ.....  Hey! No problem!!

Picture me running around the backyard chasing one, 
while another is standing on the BBQ.

Thank goodness for grain, hay and folding tables.