Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I Am Not Lost.....

I'm here and how are all of you?
It's finely cooled off and is acting like Fall,
even got a little rain yesterday and a promise of more.

Oranges are getting color and the Biscuit is growing.
Starting to have a little more time, so thought I had better
get back to blogging and photography.

Talk to you soon.



Gail said...

Welcome back!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Always good to see your photos and hear what you have to say! :)

lisa said...

I seem to forget my blog also, the hubby keeps telling me that I need to quit or get back to it! We had some rain and cool weather, but the warm weather is coming back next week. We usually are done with the 60's by this time of year. I love your picture! I always keep up with you on facebook!

Shirley said...

Facebook is one thing, but I prefer blogs. Less time spent in scrolling past all the annoying stuff that people post. If I visit a blog, it's because I'm interested in that person and what they post, but on FB there are so many things on there that I'd rather not see but don't want to unfriend or not follow because they are family or an otherwise interesting site.

Crystal said...

Glad you are back, lovely picture, and I think we all get lost sometimes in the busy lives we lead but happy to see you back here.