Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Few Chores

Yesterday while doing chores around the farm, 
I pack the camera along.  Trying to do more shooting in manual.

Look at this photo above of the young oranges.
See how the leaves are folded in half?
This is a sign that the trees are stressed for water,
 so I need to up the amount of water in this week irrigation cycle
and for the rest of the summer.

Even though we sold the cows, I still keep the water tanks full.
We have a lot of wildlife, that call our farm home. 
 Deer, turkeys, doves, lot of birds and critters.
Ranch Dog is my water quality foreman.
As you can see, it's pretty dry around here.

This is a different angles of the tanks, 
you can see the orange orchard in the background.

Olives...  These are the old Mission olives.
Not much of a market for them in general and they wont be worth
 much this year since we are not irrigating them.
Olive trees can go for many years without being watered.

Laundries is an everyday chore.
When the weather is warm I try to not run the dryer so much. 
I don't have a close line, but the handrail on the front porch work good.
It's a good place to air blankets and pillows also.

Didn't do to bad shooting in manual,
little dark, but I'll work on it.



Crystal said...

Sure is dry, here too. Rain is a wonderful thing. Glad you have some irrigation for the oranges at least

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