Monday, May 11, 2015

Water Decisions...

 Didn't realize it had been so long, since my last post.

Had to make some hard decisions about irrigating this year.
Completely replaced all the water lines in the commercial orchard
and new risers and heads.  Also put in a new system so we can 
fertilize with liquid fertilizer through the water lines.
We have always used an above ground, dry fertilizer and had to have
 a good rain to soak it into the ground to the roots.  Timing was
 everything and with the lack of rain it's been harder to gage.

Went ahead and replaced all the shut off valves to the 
olive orchard and the pasture and fitted timers on everything.
Shane and a worker did a lot of it and we hired a man to set-up 
all the timers.   We decided that we will not irrigate the olives at all.
Olive trees can live for years without water and once the grass is all
 fed down we will haul all the cow to the sale.  That way we wont have
 any water tanks leaking and it will save quite a bit.

I'm not ready to make drastic water cuts on my yard as yet,
to much invested, but I am cutting way back on my kitchen garden.
That makes me sad.


Gail said...

I wish I could send some of our rain. I'm not complaining. We will want it in August.

Far Side of Fifty said...

In line fertilizer works great, but I used a very dilute amount all the time in the Greenhouse...on account of fertilizer burn:(
Just keep watering wise!
I bet you could find water for that kitchen garden...especially if you switch dish soaps and wash dishes in a dish pan like the olden Grandma had the best Hollyhocks right out the kitchen door because that is where the dish pan water went! :)

lisa said...

Really makes you realize how precious water is, when it is not in abundance.

Crystal said...

Scary. I feel for you. Water is so important....praying for rain for you guys.

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