Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring on the Farm

Except for the lack of rain,
It's pretty much been spring since January.

It's always busy on the farm in spring.
The orange orchard is ready for summer,
mowed, round-upped and fertilized.
This year we are putting in all new water lines
(drip lines).  All the pipe the fittings were delivered today,
so that will be next weeks job.  We've changed all of 
the irrigation stations, over to clocks.
Trying to be more conservative with our water.

All kinds of flowers are in bloom and the yard has already
had it's big cleaning for the year, do to Biscuits birthday 
party last weekend.

The new shop is getting closer to being done.
the building is finished, now the electricians are adding lights 
and the roll-up doors will be going in soon.
Can't Wait !!!!
Plan on doing a big clean around here as soon as it's done.

Working on the kitchen garden, hoping to get it all planted in the
 next two weeks.  I don't plant as soon as some of my friends.
April seems to hold out one more freeze or hail storm.
Thinking no more rain then we've gotten,
I'm safe.



Gail said...

That shop is something I would love to have.

I love your kitchen garden.

Shirley said...

Love the bright flowers! The drip lines sound perfect for conserving water.... we have too much water here! Still rain and mud everywhere.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hope you get part of the shop for your important stuff! I love having my own garage where I know where everything is! The Orchards look good! I hear about the drought from time to time, it must be difficult to be so dry and have to conserve water.