Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Feeling Blue

George is one of Ranch Dogs pups, he's four, a good dog, but a biter.

Not the little nip form time to time, like some stock dogs.
He means business and has gotten a couple of friends.

George and I have had our go rounds
and have come to a mutual understanding.
I'm the one who feeds him and wheels the broom.

He loves JS and JS loves him.

George and Ranch Dog sleep in the laundry room and when morning
comes, he patiently waits on the bathroom floor, while JS gets
ready for the day.  He follows him into the kitchen, were the two of them have 
toast before work (sometimes the last bit of bacon or sausage is shared)

Rides in the truck or the back of the Ranger, playing in the water,
running though the orchard at full speed and eating strawberries
 from the garden and when it's just the us ... I get kisses.

With a little one starting to venture out into the outdoors, 
it's just to risky to keep him.  I don't like to have him pinned
and it seems to be more an more all the time.

Today a Lady came to take George for a time and find him a good home.
She raises and trains Australian Shepherds and rescues them. 
She has cows and horses and it make me feel good that she put him
in her stock trailer and not a crate.

I cried.


Shirley said...

A tough choice but a right one, at least you are doing what you can to get him a home.

skipper mellor said...

I just read this and I'm balling. Its just been a crazy few days. I'm sorry Sam.

Far Side of Fifty said...

At least he has a chance...biters are tough to deal with...bite the wrong person and you are in big trouble and I know you don't want the biscuit to be bitten. I am so sorry Sam:(

Fiona said...

Such a shame Sam, but I'm sure you thought long and hard before reaching your decision. Thinking of you.

Crystal said...

aww thats a tough one. Sorry to hear, even the right choice can be hard to deal with...hugs

lisa said...

So sorry, hopefully they can find just the right kind of family for him!

Gail said...

Oh, my, this is always a hard decision.

Our Maggie is leaning toward more protection lately. A Border is intense in any job they have. Hubby has said, I'll put her down but that's not a option for me. It's really not a option for him but he likes to act tough.

I have noticed a little cloud in her eyes. She always looks embarrassed when she nips...I believe it may be a sight problem.
We just keep a closer eye on her now.

You made the right decision. She will find the perfect home. T'is good he is going to a ranch between times.

I would have cried too.

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