Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mid Spring on the Farm

It's been a beautiful spring.  I think the flowers in my garden have
been as pretty as I can ever remember.  The firsts blooms come in 
January, with Camellias in white and pink.  February the Quince 
starts,  but they have all faded away.

March... Brides Vale, Japanese Snowball, Weigela and Azaleas
 are just about done now.

 Roses are blooming and the Rhododendrons,
 Hostas and Lilies  are starting. 

The Korean Dogwood is a show stopper.

and the old Mock Orange 

But, what truly signifies the season,
 is the orange orchard in full blossom.

"Spring on the Farm is Glories"


Unknown said...

Love the Hostas!! They make such Great Photos. Color and black and white.

Lovin' your blog Sam.


Linda said...

You should come and visit....the only flower so far is the crocus......not even a green speck on a leaf could do it all over again ;)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Not even a green part of a flower is in sight here yet! I enjoyed all of yours!! :)

lisa said...

Now that is something to get you into the spring spirit!

Gail said...

Do you bring your camellias in for winter?

Gail said...

I love, love, love all your pictures.