Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"I'm Feeling Wordy"

How on earth does one month get packed so full of stuff and go so fast.
The first three weekends where taken up by babies.
"Maverick Lucas" came into the world and wanted to party with a 
John Deere theme. Plenty or women were willing to party with him.
Mamma showing off all his new things and Grandma spoiling him.

As the month progressed, we had one good rain to soak the ground
 and a lot of north wind to dry it out, other then that it's been like spring.

Miss Riley celebrated her first birthday the second weekend.
Not sure how much she got out of it, but the adults had a great time.
Her mom and dad had a small cake made just for her to put her 
hands and face in the frosting.  She was having nothing to do with it.
Dipping her cracker in the frosting was as far as she was going.

Cattlewomen's meeting, Charity Gals Bunco, Crab Feed at Richvale,
Cattlemen's Red Meat Dinner and a Rotary Roundup BBQ...
The social calendar was over loaded.

Dogs, cows, farming and working for JS,
filled up the rest of the days of the month.

Daughter Dawn's Baby shower, with family and closes girlfriends.
I went with her to the doctor yesterday and all is well.
The doctor scheduled a C-section, babies breech.

Little Miss Kinley Grace Nevers will be joining our family 
March 20 2013, unless she decides to do a head dive.
I can hardly believe it.


Crystal said...

Aww so many babies and cute baby things :) Sounds like a good month even if a busy one.

lisa said...

Boy, that was wordy but such a happy wordy! Congrats. Now if the baby liked red it would of been even better :~)

Far Side of Fifty said...

How exciting and what a beautiful name she will have!! :)

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